Ambassador Info

How To Get Started !

Welcome to the Barbell Cartel Ambassador program. The ambassador program is an additional step you have elected to take in order further support our brand. For this we appreciate you and your support. By electing to become an ambassador you will receive a personal discount code for online purchases. Use this code to shop and save on our website.

*Most products will be eligible for discount. On some occasions we will do limited release products, or colloborations with other brands or influencers which may not qualify for discount

Step 1


Use the following link to set up your account:

Use your discount code to shop online.
Use your photo skills and creativity to get some unique photos and videos.

Step 2

Share your photos on social media. Be sure to use the hashtag


and tag us:


If you don’t use these tags it will be hard to find your photos
*Photos will be shared on our story, and our feed

Guidelines for posting
- Please no scandalous or overly provocative photos
- The higher the quality photo the better chance to be featured on our page or website
Photos can also be mailed to:



We appreciate anyone who takes the time to send photos, however we can not post all photos we receive. Photos posted to our main account need to have a high quality look. We've often received emails from people who get mad when we don't share their pictures so we need to make this disclaimer in advance ! 

Step 3

Once you have signed up you will also be able to share your discount code, a custom discount code will be issued to you most likely containing your first name

This code can be given out to friends, family and followers.

Ambassador info and FAQ

Ambassadors have voluntarily joined us to support The Barbell Cartel

For this we are highly appreciative. We come from very humble beginnings and to have our fans

want to rep our brand it is even more humbling.

A few things to note about the ambassador program.

1. Ambassadors have elected to join our program

2. Ambassadors will be given a discount code to shop on our site.

3. Ambassadors will be given a code and referral link to share with their friends and family

4. We also have an athlete program which differs from the ambassador program. We have the ability to monitor ambassador accounts to see quality of posts, and engagement. If your ambassador account is performing well we may offer you a spot on the athlete program. The athlete program has specific requirements including 3,000 authentic IG followers and a detailed review of social media accounts. Influencers in the athlete program are hand selected by our Athlete Accounts Manager.

5. Athlete program has a designated account manager, slightly higher discount for online purchases and other incentives.