CrossFit Competitor: Francesca Emanuele

Age: 25
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 145
Region: North East
Hometown: Port Washington, NY
Instagram: @Francesca__e
I have been doing CF since November 2012.
I am a CF-L1 Coach at CrossFit Port Washington, Long Island, NY. 
CrossFit Open 2013: 150th Place, 2014: 76th Place
Snatch 183#
Clean & Jerk 230#
Clean 220#
Jerk 230#
Back Squat 295#
Front Squat 260#
Bench Press 175#
OHS 220#
Deadlift: 340#
Fran: 2:37
1 mile run: 6:26
Max Effort Pull-Ups: 45
Max Effort Muscle-Ups: 7(ring) 15(bar)
Dynamix Duo - (Partner with my Joe Arias) 4th place
Hail to the Queen - individual. 1st place. 1st place in all 4 events
Hell of the West Individual - 6th place