CrossFit Competitor: Zach Moran

Age:  23
Height - 5'9"
Weight - 190lbs
Region: North East
Hometown: Columbia CT
Instagram: Moranz4
I was a Division I wrestling at Sacred Heart University, 2009-2014. My father and I picked up crossfit while training for the wrestling seasons during the summer because of its similarities in intensity and conditioning. I got my level 1 in 2010 but didn’t start training and coaching crossfit consistently until I graduated in 2014. After a year of solid training I was invited to the Grid Combine and took 17th in the 2015 East Super Regional. I am currently training full time for the 2016 Crossfit Open while coaching at Columbia Crossfit and pursuing a future career in medicine.
    2nd place Beast of the East
    Grid Combine athlete
    17th 2015 East Super Regional
    Clean & Jerk- 325
Snatch- 250
    Squat- 425
Deadlift- 525
    Press- 185
    Max Handstand walk- 225ft
    Max Pull ups- 77
    Max MU- 23
    Grace- 1:46
    Fran- 2:13